Land The Wheel is on three, certified organic acres in Tumwater, Washington. Colin and Genine of Kirsop Farm managed it organically for over twenty years prior to shifting production to The Scatter Creek Farm and Conservancy. They became locally famous for their carrots grown in the sandy soil on Kirsop Road. The Wheel Herb Farm now primarily produces longer-term medicinal roots. We also grow other herbs and flowers for the local community.

People Though The Wheel would stop rolling if it were only run by me, I am the heart and soul behind the farm. My name is Colleen, and I started focusing on the cultivation of medicinal herbs around 2014. Over the years I’ve worked with vegetables, flowers, ornamental and fruit trees, shrubs, and perennials in many settings. I pay attention to plants wherever I am and enjoy cultivating them for personal and community use. Martin of HandEyeStudio is the other major player. He’s been a resourceful, creative problem-solver and major helping hand over the years. And lastly, from the months of May through November, there are regular volunteers who help with the fieldwork.

Why herbs? Many people are familiar with where their food comes from… why not also know where your herbs come from? I started wondering about the herbs acupuncturists were distributing and if anyone in America was growing them. I devoured Peg Schafer’s book about growing Asian medicinal herbs organically in the US. I knew from observation that many so-called Asian plants were already growing around us. And I learned that many of the herbs being used by herbalists and practitioners are grown with toxic water or growing conditions, and then fumigated or irradiated on their way to America. These things inspire me to trial and produce Eastern and Western herbs so people have access to domestic options. There is a demand for domestically produced herbs, so we are helping further the availability, even if just a small amount.

Main Goals:

  • Grow herbs for use by local practitioners and anyone interested in taking a more active role in their well-being.

  • Provide people with domestic, high quality plant material for wellness and flavor, beauty and empowerment.


The Wheel featured in Mayway’s July 2018 Newletter.