Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What forms of payment do you accept?
    - Pay Pal, Square, Venmo, Google Pay, cash, or check.

  2. Where can I find your herbs, plants and flowers?
    - Olympia Co-op Eastside has Ashwagandha powder, Calendula and flowers.
    - Spring Wind has our herbs for acupuncturists.
    - Bulk sales available for herbalists, practitioners, and acupuncturists.
    - Contract growing can be arranged through June.
    - Contact directly

  3. Do you teach classes?
    Not currently. Consultations available for home gardens. I love discussing how our spaces can be enriched by plants.

  4. Are you an herbalist?
    I am not calling myself an herbalist. I have great respect for plants and their traditional uses. My main goal is to provide people with domestic, high quality plant material for wellness and flavor, beauty and empowerment. There are many people purchasing herbs from large distributors and slapping pretty labels on products made from these herbs. That is fine, but what inspires me is to grow herbs here in Washington state for use by local practitioners and anyone interested in taking a more active role in their well-being. But as for farming herbs and food - most farmers do know how to use the things we grow!

  5. Why do you grow these herbs?

    I have been living with the mantra “food as medicine” for over twenty years. I love growing fruit and vegetables too. Many people are familiar with where their food comes from… why not also know where your herbs come from? There is a demand for domestically produced herbs, so I am helping further the availability and local knowledge.